“Ilha Grande: Each beach an island. Each island a story” is a web documentary that tells the stories of this amazing island in the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The website also offers suggestions for accommodation, restaurants and transport that are connected to the local communities. Come with us on this trip around the island! And follow us on Facebook for updates.

This website presents the project as a whole. Here you will find the latest videos and information about the project. The web documentary is part of the development and distribution of a social technology, designed to support community-based tourism initiatives near environmentally protected areas.



Web documentary is an interactive way to tell the stories of the island through the internet and social media. We only gained access to these stories through collaboration with the beach communities. The web documentary also provides information for tourists who are interested in visiting and having this type of experience with the communities of the island.

In addition to filming, the team conducted community photography and video workshops, in partnership with the Voz Nativa initiative. The participatory content from these workshops was screened at various beaches and incorporated into the web documentary. You can also participate on Instagram through the “ilhagram” project, which will be made into a book.






Community Tourism

Generally, tourism on Ilha Grande is a mass activity, defined by commercial interactions between tourists and locals, which disregard environmental and social impacts. But there is also a series of community-led, which are characterized by the collaboration and exchange between tourists and hosts and by the consideration for environmental impact.

As a social technology, the web documentary encourages community-based tourism on the island. Both the stories and the tips about restaurants and accommodation refer to the interaction between tourists and local communities. To take these paths, the team relied on fundamental partnerships with three tourist guides, who opened the doors of these communities.

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Social Technology


“Ilha Grande: Each beach, an island. Each island, a history” is a social technology developed to support community-based tourism initiatives on the island. The use of tools and digital media in this innovative platform empowers these initiatives, by telling their stories and connecting them to tourists. This technology is the result of years of research at the Lab for Research and Social Development (Laboratório de Pesquisa e Desenvolvimento Social or LTDS) at Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (COPPE/UFRJ).


The web documentary is just one possible application of this social technology. This platform will systematize and disseminate knowledge, tools and practices that can be replicated in similar projects according to the specific circumstances in each case. The project was financed by the Carlos Chagas Filho Foundation for Research in the State of Rio de Janeiro (FAPERJ), with the goal of supporting the dissemination and popularization of science and technology.


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“Ilha Grande: Each beach, an island; each island, a story” was made possible by the Lab for Technology and Social Development (LTDS) at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ). Led by Professor Roberto Batholo, the lab has worked with social action research for over 20 years. The webdoc is a result of the intersection between community-based tourism activities and interactive projects.

The project was established and developed within Voz Nativa. The web documentary as a social technology was made possible through this indispensible partnership. Financed by Petrobras, Voz Nativa develops the skills of young people for tourist activities through a series of free workshops and a participatory community newspaper.

“Ilha Grande: Each beach, an island; each island, a story” counts on the support of the Graduate Program of International Affairs (GPIA) at The New School University in New York. As part of an exchange program, six students were brought into the project team and actively participated in the creation of the web documentary.

The project also counts on the support of a series of institutions that were present in the diverse communities of Ilha Grande for many years. These organizations opened the doors to the communities that welcomed our project team. Without this support the project would not exist. Below you can see some of these organizations.


Research and Distribution
Coordinator: Roberto Bartholo
Adjunct Coordinator: André Paz
Research: André Paz, Ivan Bursztyn, Peter Lucas, Anais Roig, Cristine Carvalho, Luisa Sobral, Eliane Birman
Consultants: Márcio Ranauro, Arnaldo Oliveira
Programming: Ezequiel Soto
Design and Illustration: Thiago Venturotti
Social Media: Graziele Saraiva
Web documentary
Creative Director: André Paz
Executive Producers: Roberto Bartholo e André Paz
Assistant Producers: Ella Colley, Luisa Sobral, Erika Mota
Interactive Design: André Paz e Julia Salles
Design and Illustration: Thiago Venturotti
Research: André Paz, Anais Roig , Ivan Bursztyn, Luisa Sobral, Erika Mota
Research Consultants: Márcio Ranauro, Arnaldo Oliveira, Peter Lucas
Text: André Paz e Luisa Sobral
Social Media: Graziele Saraiva
Director: André Paz
Producer: André Paz
Production Assistants: Ella Colley, Linnéa Mellander, Luisa Sobral, Erika Mota, Marina Rotenberg
Director of Photography: Felipe Varanda
Editor: Renato Oliveira e André Paz
Motion Design: Renato Oliveira e Mirjam Egeris Karstoft
Camera: Ella Colley, Linnéa Mellander, Mirjam Egeris Karstoft, Muhammed Korany, John Sapida, Rahaf Alhendi
Drone: Ezequiel Soto
Sound: Ella Colley, Linnéa Mellander, Mirjam Egeris Karstoft, Muhammed Korany, John Sapida, Rahaf Alhendi


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